Welcome to VoCore

VoCore is open hardware and runs Linux(OpenWrt). It has 128MB DDR, WIFI, USB, UART, SDXC, I2C, SPI, 20+ GPIOs but only one inch square(25.8mm). It will help you to make a smart house, study embedded system or even make the tiniest router in the world.

You will not only get the VoCore but also its hardware design including schematic, circuit board, bill of materials and source code of all applications. You are able to control EVERY BIT of your VoCore.

We invite you join us, help our community improve this open source hardware and use your creative skills to make a more wonderful Internet of Things!


Why VoCore

Tiny Size: One square inch, easy to embed to devices.

OpenWrt: Easy to code; super stable, three years no reboot.

Low Cost: low cost, less than 1watt, unmatched performance.

Interfaces: Hardware support USB, Ethernet, SD, I2C, SPI etc.

OpenSource: Both software and hardware, totally FREE

Long Life: Keep production over 10 years, fast email support.


Click the icon for source code, documentation and tutorials



VoCore2 Ultimate+PoE

Sound, SD, USB, Ethernet, PoE

VoCore Camera

USB2.0 h264 stream output.


32MB NOR flash, 2xU.FL

VoCore2 + USB & MicroSD Slot

PCB is white or green.

VoCore 4inch Screen-MPRO

USB-TYPEC, 800x480

VoCore 10inch Screen

coming soon...

VoCore 5inch Screen-MPRO

USB-TYPEC, 854x480

VoCore 4.3inch Screen-MPRO

USB-TYPEC, 800x480

VoCore 6.8inch Screen-MPRO

USB-TYPEC, 800x480

VoCore 3.4inch Round Screen


USB-TYPEC Cable 300cm

cable for MPRO screens

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