VoCore + Dock

The Coin-sized Linux Computer


SIZE25.6mm x 25.6mm x 3.0mm
CPURT5350, 360 MHz, MIPS 24K
STORAGE16M NOR on board
WIRELESS802.11n, 1T1R, speed up to 75Mbps.
ANTENNAone on board antenna.
ETHERNET5 ports, up to 100Mbps.
USBSupport USB 2.0, up to 480MHz.
GPIO>=30 (pinmux)
UARTx2 (UART1 for debug console)
SD CARDSupport(SPI, v1)
AUDIO PLAYBACKSupport(v2), WM8960G
AUDIO RECORDSupport(v2), WM8960G
POWER CONSUMPTION~130mA~190mA, 5V microUSB input.


VoCore + Dock has two versions, Dock(v1) has SD slots, able to read/write to SD card through SPI, speed is 100KB/s; Dock(v2) has audio and on board USB2TTL. Dock(v1) has stopped production at 2015.10.


Connect to Power

Setup AP + STA Mode

Setup Develop Linux

Upload Firmware


Dock(v1): Download

Dock(v2): Download

Hardware: Download

uBoot: Download


Manual: Download

VoCore + Dock FCC: Download

VoCore + Dock CE: Download

VoCore + Dock RoHS: Download

VoCore + Dock(v1) Shell: Download

VoCore + Dock(v2) Firmware: Download




Connect to Power

1. connect USB wire to microUSB port on VoCore.

2. if everything works, after 30 seconds, you will find VoCore in your computer hotspot list.

3. connect to VoCore hotspot.

4.a using ssh or putty or similar tools login to VoCore(root/vocore).

4.b VoCore + Dock has USB2TTL(microUSB), you can directly connect VoCore through serial port, 57600 8n1.

note:VoCore + Dock is using CP2102, please download its driver at Download section.

Setup AP + STA Mode

1. connect to your VoCore.

2. run command in console:

uci set wireless.sta.ssid=[AP SSID]

uci set wireless.sta.key=[AP PASSWORD]

uci set wireless.sta.network=wwan

uci set wireless.sta.disabled=0

uci commit

/etc/init.d/network restart

3. wait around 10 seconds, your VoCore is in AP+STA mode

note: you might need to setup network to enable dhcp(get ip from your hotspot).

uci delete network.wwan

uci set network.wwan=interface

uci set network.wwan.proto=dhcp

uci commit

note: you might need to setup firewall to enable access to internet through your hotspot.

uci del_list firewall.@zone[1].network=wwan

uci add_list firewall.@zone[1].network=wwan

uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT

uci set firewall.@zone[1].output=ACCEPT

uci set firewall.@zone[1].forward=ACCEPT

uci set firewall.@zone[1].masq=1

uci set firewall.@zone[1].mtu_fix=1

uci commit

Develop for VoCore

1. Download and install VirtualBox(it supports Ubuntu/Windows/MacOS)

2. Download Ubuntu, install on your VirtualBox.

3. In virtualbox, we will need install some packages to compile openwrt:

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ binutils patch bzip2 flex bison make autoconf gettext texinfo unzip sharutils subversion libncurses5-dev ncurses-term zlib1g-dev

4. Download openwrt.

git clone -b chaos_calmer git://github.com/openwrt/openwrt.git

5. configure openwrt in menu, choose VoCore in menu.

make menuconfig

6. call "make", start the make process

note: video tutorial [youtube]

Upload Firmware

1. upload firmware through luci, please read manual in Download section.

2. upload firmware through console, connected to VoCore hotspon.

(1) copy from pc to VoCore[operate in PC]: scp [your firmware].bin root@

here is two choices, 2.a will erase all data/config you write to VoCore, 2.b just upgrade the firmware but keep them.

(2.a) write to VoCore nor flash[operate in VoCore]: mtd -e firmware write /tmp/vocore.bin firmware

(2.b) system upgrade VoCore nor flash[operate in VoCore]: sysupgrade /tmp/vocore.bin firmware

(3) wait until mtd done, reboot your VoCore.

note: if you want set your VoCore back to first time boot up, call "firstboot" in console.

Fix Bricked VoCore

1. connect your VoCore to computer through TTL, please read manual for detail.

note: new VoCore + Dock has a USB2TTL on board, you can connect through microUSB and your PC USB port directly.

2. open tty tools(must have kermit protocol), such as kermit, ckermit.

3. power up your VoCore, once you find: "Press 'x' to active console", press 'x', into uboot console.

4. call 'loadb', then send the bin file through TTL by kermit.

note: kermit: after 'loadb', press Ctrl and '\' same time then press 'c', you will switch to kermit command console.

5. send upgrade firmware to VoCore, after that, back to VoCore uboot console.

note: kermit: call "send path/to/your/upgrade/file/on/pc.bin" to send firmware, around 10 minutes, once it finished, call 'c' back to console.

6. erase current firmware on VoCore.

note: kermit: call "erase linux", wait 15~20 seconds to finish.

7. copy firmware to flash.

note: kermit: call "cp.linux [hex size]", hex size is your firmware size in hex format, for example if its size is 3,145,732 bytes it should be 'cp.linux 300004'.

note: kermit: call 'cp.linux' might report error for wrong file size, please call "tftpboot" then Ctrl + C immediately, aftert that do "cp.linux [hex size]" again, this will clear the wrong file size.

8. around 10~12 seconds, firmware uploaded, call "reset" to reboot your VoCore, your VoCore will work again.