VoCore2 + PoE Dock

Power supply + data transfer, just one ethernet cable. New version is able to connect to SD card and USB device, max current output is 5V 600mA.


Hardware: Download   md5:3b98f2642b1b4d1e8f97dd80b89cc47b


SIZE25.6mm x 25.6mm x 20.5mm
ETHERNET2 ports, up to 100Mbps.
POWER SUPPLYPoE: IEEE 802.3af, Class2


VoCore2 + PoE Dock is designed for enhancing exists network, it must work with a 802.11af PSE(power supply equipment, normally voltage output to ethernet is 50V). It can directly power up by USB adaptor or power over ethernet. Typically it used as wireless hotspot, IP camera.

1NCNot Connecteddo not use this pin.
2P2-RXPEthernet Port2, RXPinternal transformer
3P2-RXNEthernet Port2, RXNinternal transformer
4P2-TXPEthernet Port2, TXPinternal transformer
5P2-TXNEthernet Port2, TXNinternal transformer


Connect to Power

1. check if VoCore2 and its dock are well connected.

2. make sure one side of the ethernet cable is connected to PSE.

3. plug the other side of the cable into PoE dock RJ45 interface.

note: be careful, the bare metal might hurt you.(PoE voltage is around 50V)

4. if everything works, the LED on VoCore2 will light, wait around 30s, you will find VoCore2 hotspot.